Rover Red Charlie – A Heartwarming Apocalyptic Dog Story

Today I am going to talk about one of my all-time favorite comic series ever. Rover Red Charlie. Garth Ennis really outdid himself with this series. The trade was published by Avatar in August 2014. The story is about the adventures of three dogs trying to survive during apocalyptic/post apocalyptic times. Similar to the world of Crossed, humans have gone crazy and are killing themselves and each other, leaving man’s best friends to fend for themselves. Rover, Red and Charlie are three buddies who are trying to find their place in a world no longer run by humans. How do domesticated dogs survive when enemies like cats and evil dogs cross their path? This series is anything but tame. It is gory, dark, heartwarming, heartbreaking and seriously fantastic. I highly recommend this story. Beware, this series is graphic and not for children. If you read it or have read it, leave comments in the comments section and let me know what you think. Until next time comic friends, keep reading small press ^_^





Comics are for nerds and children… no, I think not!

I have heard several times that comics are for children or that they are for nerds. I am here to tell you they are not. I have started this blog because I absolutely believe comics are amazing. I am in LOVE with them. There is more to the comic world than Marvel, DC and Dark Horse. Super Heroes come in all sizes and shapes and they do not all have fantastic powers. In fact, a comic does not have to be about a super hero at all… they can be about anything. What amazes me is that people will watch movies based off comics, then turn around and snub comics as childish or nerdy. Some of the best movies and television shows are based on comics (300, The Walking Dead, the plethora of Marvel movies, and The Strain). Many great movies and shows are based on comics and just like is the case with books, the comics are always better.

I have created this blog because I want to share some of the strange and unusual comics I have read, as well as share some of my favorite comic series. My love for comics range from the cute and adorable to gory and dark. I am all over the place, however, you will not find me reviewing what I call boring run of the mill comics. If I review a Marvel comic, it is because I found it to be exceptionally unique within its genera. I am not a huge fan of super heroes, nor the run of the mill comic stories. If you like strange story lines, beautiful art, and unusual stories then you should definitely read my blog, because that is what I want to share with the public. I need someone to talk to about these things and I am excited to connect with you all ^_^

For my first review I would like to talk about, The Saga of Rex, published by Image Comics (2010). This comic is almost wordless. The art is soft, cute and whimsical. The story is about a fox-like creature who lives on another planet. The gods that be (perhaps alien entities) trigger an event that spurs the love between Rex and another fox-like creature that is similar to himself. The adventures within are unparalleled to anything I have ever read. The art is adorable to the point of me wanting to squeak. I would recommend this book to all people who love beautiful art, sci-fi, cuteness and creativity. The graphic novel is just that, a novel. Although there are no words, it will take time to read. At 199 pages it is not light reading, although the subject and the flow are light and airy.

I decided to blog this book first because it is absolutely amazing. It is easy to read and fun to share with children and adults. For my next review I will stick with the theme of animals, yet I will be talking about a much darker series.

Stay tuned, and read comics!

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rex3The Saga of Rex (inside art)